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Wedding Package - Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design Planning Services

HKD 28,800


Planning Stage

¯  Wedding Planning Schedule

¯  Budget Planning

¯  Ceremony and Banquet Venue Selection

¯  Bridal Attire Selection for Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Parents

¯  Wedding Theme and Decoration Design

¯  Photographer and Videographer Selection

¯  Make-Up Artist Selection

¯  Invitation Card Design and Printing Follow-Up

¯  Civil Celebrant Selection and Paperwork Follow-Up

¯  Wedding Vendor Management


Preparation Stage

¯  Whole Wedding Day Rundown

¯  Bridal Images Change Sessions Rundown

¯  Wedding Theme Decoration Design

¯  Wedding Materials Check-List

¯  Guest Attendance System

¯  Transportation and Logistics Arrangements

¯  Pre-Audio Checks at Banquet Venue

¯  Synchronization with All Wedding Vendors prior to Wedding Day

¯  Thanks-Giving Speech Script

¯  MC Script

¯  Music Theme Design and Entertainment Arrangements

¯  Chinese and Western Rituals Consultation


On Wedding Day

¯  Bride Pick Up and Door Opening Ceremonies in the Morning

¯  Tea Serving Ceremony and Photo Taking Session Arrangements

¯  Wedding Materials Logistics Arrangements

¯  Traffic Arrangements and Bridal Fleet Coordination


At the Banquet

¯   Materials Arrangement for Banquet and Reception

¯  Responsible for All Music Arrangements

¯  Proper Decorations Confirmation

¯  Assist MC at the Banquet & Wedding Ceremonies

¯  Pre-meeting with Manager at Banquet Venue

¯  Photo-taking session Arrangement

¯  Guest Seat-Taking Assistance

¯  Rehearsal Arrangement for Grand Procession

¯  Nuptial Tea-Serving Section Arrangement

¯  Bride’s Gown Changing Assistance



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